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R&D center
AN 's R&D center is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park , China. Scientific team found by Doctor and master, AN is equipped with HPLC, GC, and other analytical instruments. Tests can be done on IR, GC/MS, LC/MS and 400NMR at the SIOC through contract. Our fully equipped research laboratories are dedicated to the route discovery, validation, and process development.
Once the projects come into our R&D center, our highly experienced chemists will conduct quick initial evaluation and offer you our proposal for further activities.
From first batch sample submission to pilot scale up and chemistry validation, we emphasize on the speed without compromising the quality. Our well-trained analytical chemists are responsible for method development supporting the process development team.Reactions can be carried out in up to 50L glass-lined vessels. High-pressure hydrogenation vessels and autoclaves are also available up to 10L.

Pilot Plan& Manufacturing
AN has established and managed several state of the art facilities for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine intermediates. The production units are fully equipped with state of art production blocks, secure warehousing capabilities for raw materials, dedicated powder processing units, quality control and assurance labs, engineering & building maintenance workshops, process development labs, solvent recovery plants and waste and toxic hazard management systems, sanitation systems, and comprehensive employee welfare facilities

Manufacturing Process include:
Grignard Reaction
Fridel Crafts Reaction
Aldol Condensation
Chiral Separation
Wittig Reaction
Vilsmeir – Haack Reaction
Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Stereo Selective Synthesis
Condensation Reaction

AN operates state-of-the-art analytical labs equipped with the best in modern instrumentation.The labs is operated by experienced, qualified analytical professionals who offers open access, in process and problem solving support to AN’s synthesis labs as well as providing comprehensive independent analysis data for all final compounds before shipment.

Analytical Instrumentation
400 MHz, Bruker NMR, AVANCE III
LC/MS (Schimadzu, LC-20AD pump, LC-MS 2010EV detector)
HPLC (reverse phase, Schimadzu, UV/Vis SPD-20A, LC-20AT pump)
Gas Chromatography (GC-7890F )

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